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Drip Systems Pamela and I used to do quite a few drip systems locally, with the 6 or 7 that we still maintain we have decided not to do new systems and instead share what we know on this site. Below you’ll find links to our favorite supplier and parts that we like to use the most.
DIG Corporation 3/4" Hose End Battery Timer (link)
1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing with .700 OD (link)
100’, 1/4" Vinyl Brown Micro Tubing (link)
Adjustable Drip Emitters on Spike or Barb with 360-Degree and 180-Degree Pattern (link)
Adjustable Sprayers (link) Many types to play with
Drip Fittings (link)
You’ll want 1/8" & 1/4" Barbs (link) remember to get “goof Plugs” also 1/2" Spin-Loc Fittings (link) are our favorite Tubing Ends and Plugs (link) Punches & Tools (Link) flushing end cap (drains when water is turned off) Avoid compression fittings (they tend to freeze and crack) Avoid soaker hose (seems to needs lots of water pressure) **Plants like to be rained on, if you watch you’ll see the leaves direct the water to where the plants need it, a dripper at the base of every plant may weaken the roots, use sprayers, overhead and in fan patterns 45, 90, 180 and 360 degrees
we charge 40.00 for consultation at your garden site approx 1hr, (Plan layout design Zones etc)
2 Zones
4 Zones
Setting Your Dig Corp Timer PDF: