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when building your first ad, be it for your local phonebook, newpaper or a Magazine there are a few things you'll want to know
Ad Construction Your First ad: Lets use our local news paper The Crestone Eagle as an example: Display Ad Specifications While we encourage you to be creative with your ads, we do have certain specifications that help us create a consistent and cohesive newspaper. Column Widths 1 column = 2.25″ 3 columns = 7.25″ 2 columns = 4.75″ 4 columns = 9.75″ Column Heights You can increase the height of your ad by 1/2 inch increments. Example: You could have a 2 column x 4″ high ad, or a 3 column x 6.5″ high ad, etc. Graphics All graphics, submitted electronically or hard copy, must meet the following requirements.  The Crestone Eagle is not responsible for the reproduction quality of ads that have not met these specifications     Gray scale or black & white, please.     200 minimum dpi (more is better) at full size.     Proper size or proportions (click here for ad sizes).        No color ads: We are a black & white publication. We will accept color photos and graphics to be scanned for use in ads.     We will convert them to black & white. First thing is to decide the size of the ad you’ll require and / or can afford, the smaller the add the simpler it should be. Now that we have a size to work from how much text do you have? a good start is Business Name, Phone#, Website, Contact name, E-mail. do you need a brief statement, running a special?, or just a tagline saying what your business is? Do you have a Logo ? What is most important to you and your business that they call you? go your web site? Brand Recognition its very important to be consistent with Logos, title fonts on all your marketing materials Heres another thought does your ad really need a border? the wrong type of border may attract the eye to just see the border and make your ads look tiny border-less ads may appear much larger than the ad space purchased consider a partial border  
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